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The Beckley's RV's Difference

Pre-Delivery Inspection

When RV’s arrive from the manufacture, there are items that need adjusted prior to you taking delivery.

Our certified factory trained technicians will perform a “pre-delivery inspection” on your new RV! This consists of a 126 point checklist which will take a technician roughly 6-8 hours to thoroughly complete.

Once the inspection is finished, we will invite you back to Beckley’s RV’s to take Delivery of your new RV!

I will personally do a walkthrough with you on your new RV to show you how everything works, but more importantly to ensure everything is properly functioning.

If something needs an adjustment at time of delivery, we have a technician on site ready to take care of anything needed.

This will prevent you from having to bring the RV back to adjust items that should've been caught at the dealership.



There are more RV’s on the road then there are RV technicians. This causes a few situations. One, it’s hard to find good technicians to perform quality work and two, there is a huge backlog for service.

When purchasing from Beckley’s RV’s, you gain priority service over people who have not purchased from us.

We prioritize our scheduling based on two key factors, what the significance is of the problem, and when you need it back by! (We are quite flexible to say the least lol)

For example,

If your Air Conditioner Stopped working and you have a trip coming up in a week or two then you will get scheduled sooner than if you have a cabinet door that needs to be adjusted.

As much as we wish it didn’t have to be this way, just think of paying it forward.

Many of our clients drive hours to us for service. Most dealerships won’t allow you to leave your RV at their lot while they await parts. Beckley’s has a gated and paved lot where we can store your RV while we wait for parts, preventing you from having unnecessary trips back and forth wasting your time, gas, and money.


Worth Noting About Service

We have a massive service facility separate from our pre-delivery inspection facility with 20 bays and 20 certified and master-certified technicians.

All I'm saying is we have the facilities capable of taking care of nearly any problem with your RV!

The technicians have the certifications and capability to work on million dollar coaches if needed.

On average, our service techs have around 10 years of experience, they aren’t minimum wage employees we just recently hired ( nothing wrong with that) but instead they are highly skilled craftsmen who can in some cases build units better than the manufacture.



We have a 5400 Sq Ft two story parts department that regularly stocks over 18,000 parts.

When you take ownership of your RV you’re going to need some parts. Many of our customers are the “do it yourself" type of people, rather than dragging the RV up for simple fixes, they take care of them on their own.

When you shop with us you can work with a knowledgeable parts associate to get you exactly what you are looking for!

If we don't have a part in stock, many times, we can have it the next day, as we get shipments every single day!


Most RV’s are manufactured in Indiana, and transported all across the United States to various dealerships.

During the winter months, your new RV will be driven through lots of salt and sometimes snow.

Many RV dealers will let that salt sit on the RV until they sell it, which could be just a couple days or that could be months.

No RV dealer I know of takes the time to rigorously clean the undercarriage to get all the salt off. Beckley’s RV’s takes every RV up in the air to spray them off!

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