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Step by Step Disconnecting your 5th Wheel Hitch!

Here’s a step-by-step process for disconnecting your 5th wheel!

  1. Ensure that your RV is parked on level ground and that your truck is lined up with the trailer and not on a drastic angle.

  2. Chock tires to the trailer to prevent any movement.

  3. Drop Your tailgate!

  4. Lower the front landing gear roughly 6-8” first, then pull the pins on the landing gear legs so that they are nearly touching the ground.

  5. Extend the landing gear legs so that they touch the ground. This will ensure your 5th wheel is now sitting on the ground and that the trailer is not 100% supported by the truck.

  6. Continue extending the landing gear until you raise the RV’s pin box slightly off the hitch. Do so until you see a small gap between the top of your 5th wheel hitch and the bottom of the pinbox!

  7. Now lower the RV’s pinbox by retracting the RV’s landing gears. We want to put some pressure on the 5th wheel hitch/truck , but not too much to allow proper pressure on the hitch.

  8. Double check tires are chocked on the trailer, and that the landing gears are engaged with the ground.

  9. Release the pull handle on the fifth wheel hitch to unlock it. (if you’re struggling here, there may be some pressure pulling back on the hitch. Recenter the weight on the hitch , by backing into the trailer just a little bit, to get the pressure on the handle to release!

  10. Once the hitch lock is opened, disconnect your brake away cable and 7 Pin Plug.

  11. Now, you can slowly pull your tow vehicle forward until it is clear of the pin box on the 5th wheel. Again, make sure your tailgate is down!

By following these steps, you can safely and effectively disconnect your 5th wheel RV from your tow vehicle.

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