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The Beckley's History

Beckley's RV's was founded in 1980 by Bob and Sharyn Beckley! Bob was the top RV Salesperson at a dealership named Triangle RV.

While he was working there, a bank manager shared with him that another local RV dealership named "Fun and Sun RV" was in some financial trouble and told him he should buy it and run it....

So Bob and his wife Sharyn did just that..

Shortly thereafter, they moved Fun and Sun from Route 85 in Frederick, MD to our current location along Route 15 in Thurmont, MD and renamed it Beckley's RV's.

Fast forward 43 Year's later we are on our second generation of family ownership and a lot has changed, but one thing remains the same... our family culture.

I'm very proud to be apart of a team that values this "culture" so much.

Just like you, we spend more time here at work, than we do at home...

Some days we butt heads, some days we laugh and make jokes, yet when it's time to get serious, we are all on the same page... and that's to do our very best to make sure we are providing you an excellent experience while here at Beckley's!

Of course, we aren't perfect, and sometimes, we have our off days- but at the end of the day, we will always step up and do the right thing when needed! I don't think you can ask for anything more!

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