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How to Winterize Your RV in 12 Easy Steps with Justin @ Beckley's RV's

How to winterize your pop up, travel trailer, or motorhome with a water heater.

1. Drain Fresh Water, Grey Water, and Black Water Tank.

2. Open low point drains.

3. Turn off electric water heater switch if applicable.

4. Drain water heater.

5. Hook up air to city water inlet, blow all the water out of the water heater and low point drains

6.Close water heater and low point drains. Open all faucets while under pressure to blow all the water out of faucets, tub/shower, toilet, outside shower, and outdoor sink/ spray ports if applicable.

7. If you have a filter under your sink or elsewhere you want to remove it and install your water filter bypass, because antifreeze will ruin it. If you plan on replacing it next year, just leave it in place.

8. Find water pump and unhook suction side of the pump. Install a hose with a fitting onto the pump and insert into the jug of antifreeze.

9. Turn bypass valve on water heater to the bypass position.

10. If you do not have a bypass, you have two options: Fill water heater ( Requires additional 6-8 gallons) or unhook lines from the back of the water heater and install a water heater bypass kit.

11. Turn on your water pump and run antifreeze through all faucets, tub/shower, toilet, outside shower/spray port, and outside kitchen sink if applicable. Both hot and cold. If done properly, this should take about 1.5 gallons of antifreeze.

12. If you have an ice maker you will have to cycle through the ice maker to get antifreeze through the lines and into the ice maker.

13. If you have a washer you will need to set the temperature to warm to pump antifreeze through both hot and sold sides. Then put on spin cycle so it winterizes the pump in washer.

14. Run antifreeze through sewer macerator.

15. Turn bypass valve back to normal position or reconnect the lines on the back of water heater and pump remaining half gallon of antifreeze into the water heater.

16. Unhook pump and reinstall hose to tank.

17. Pump antifreeze using hand held pump through city water connection, there is a small check valve that is notorious for holding water.

18. If you have a black tank flush, pump antifreeze using hand held pump through city water connection, there is a small check valve that is notorious for holding water.

19. Clean all sinks, tubs/showers. Antifreeze can stain!

Winterize your RV with WINTER BAN -50 RV ANTIFREEZE.

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