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Slide Toppers! What Are They and How Do They Benefit My Trailer?

Slide Out Covers! What Are They and How Do They Benefit My Trailer?

By Justin @ Beckley’s RV’s

“Slide Toppers,” “Covers,” or “Awning toppers” are a cover made up of awning material that attaches to the side wall of your trailer and to the top of your RV slide out. When you extend your slide, the topper goes out with it, preventing debris like acorns, sticks, or leaves from collecting on top of your slide out.

Without toppers it’s recommended to climb up on the roof of your trailer to clean off the slides prior to bringing them in, this will ensure you don’t accidentally run your slide in with debris on top of it which could cause irreversible, and sometimes significant damage.

Slide Topper Benefits

  • Protects rubber seals around the top of the slide out from drying up due to weather.

  • Prevents debris like acorns, leaves, etc. from collecting on the top of the slide out.

  • Provides shade to the top of your slide out, helping keep the inside of your RV cool.

  • Prevents rain water or snow from collecting on the top of your slide out.

Only ONE Slide Out Disadvantage!

Just like your camp side awning, awning toppers are subject to wind damage. If a big wind gust or windstorm comes along, it’s fairly easy for the awning material to rip or tear. When preparing for a large windstorm it’s important to run your slide out IN- which will protect your awning topper from being damaged!

How Much Do They Cost?

There are many variables when discussing pricing, however I would budget for about $1,000 (Installed) per slide topper.

Justin Shanholtzer at Beckley’s RV’s

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