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Basic RV Awning Use and Tips

Run Your Awning In When Unattended

Run your awning in when unattended! Going Away for the day? Run it in! Headed to Bed? Run it in! Windy as all get out? Run it in! All it takes is one big wind gust to damage your awning! This is not a warranty claim, but instead an insurance claim that could cost thousands of dollars!

Do NOT Strap Your Awning Down

Many people strap their awnings to the ground using tie downs. They have the best intentions, but don't realize if a large enough wind gust comes through, it will rip the awning arms right away from the sidewall of your RV. I’ve seen it happen too many times. Don’t tie it down!

When Raining, Adjust the Pitch

When it’s raining outside, pitch your awning to one side to allow the rain water to run off. If you forget to do so, water will puddle and collect on the top of the awning, and with enough heavy water, it could pull it right out of the sidewall of your RV!

When Wet, Allow it to Dry

If you have to roll the awning up while it’s wet, be sure to extend it to allow it to dry! RV Awnings stain easily and build mildew! Let it BREATHE!

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