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3 Tips for RV Slide-Out Maintenance

Most RV’s manufactured today are equipped with slide-outs. These are extra rooms that glide in and out of the RV in order to create more space when set up at your destination. Slide outs are nothing to be afraid of - they have been around for more than two decades! There are various types of RV slide-out systems that you will likely run across when researching. Most companies are using cable, hydraulic, and electric motor systems.

Tip #1. Slide Outs Demand Power

Slide outs function best with a fully charged battery. When applicable we recommend plugging in your RV to shore power, doing so will help supply the proper voltage to the slide out mechanism preventing you from running into power issues especially on electric motor operated slides.

Fun fact: if you have a motorhome, and you don’t have shore power nearby to plug into, just turn on your generator to give you that extra “volt” of confidence.

Tip #2. Lubricate the Slide Mechanism

Maintaining the slide mechanism is important.There are typically rollers in the mechanism that carry the weight of the slide and rails that guide the room to its resting point. The rollers and rails need to be lubricated from time to time to prevent wear. Each manufacturer has different lubrication points as each slide out mechanism is unique.

You need to figure out the type/ brand of slides your RV has so that you can research the proper lubrication points ( your RV can have a combination of different slide systems.) For most slides you will want to pick up a can of dry lube. Like this one Dry Lube

Tip #3. Condition the Rubber Seals around the Slide

The rubber seals around the slide-out keeps the weather and pests out of the RV. Keeping the seals working properly requires periodic maintenance. The sun beats down on these rubber seals causing them to dry out. That’s why conditioning these seals is important. Rubber seal conditioners can extend the life of the rubber gaskets around your slide by protecting them from excessive wear and the damaging effects of the sun. You can buy some here Conditioner

Bonus Tip 1. If you know you were camping in an area where your RV was under trees, you better look at the top of your slides prior to bringing it in. If any debris is present, be sure to sweep off the slides. Failure to do so could cause significant damage to the slide and the structure of your RV.

Bonus Tip 2. It is also a good idea to keep your slide-out closed when not in use. This will help protect the

seals, roof, and other components of the slide-out from the sun and other elements.

As mentioned, we understand slide outs can seem like a scary thing at first, however with the right knowledge and proper care, it’ll be something you won’t ever look back on! When it's pouring down rain, you will appreciate the extra space a slide out offers when entertaining your friends and family!

For more information on RV’s you can contact Justin using his Website

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