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Helping you purchase an RV so that you can travel and enjoy time with your family and friends

Buying an RV Shouldn't be Difficult 

Are you getting confused with the seemingly infinite options of RV’s available? 


Are you looking for a "one-stop-shop," where you can go to get all of your questions answered? 


Do you want excellent Service?


If so, you need to work with Justin.


After you visit him at Beckley's RV's, you'll find your RV Dealer for Life.

Want to Begin Your RV Journey? 

Just follow the 3 steps...

1. Set Appointment

Meet with Justin so he can get to know you and help define what's right for you

2. Shop

Visit our dealership and walkthrough a bunch of great options

3. Pick Up your New RV

Put a down payment on the one you want to buy and pick what day you want to take delivery! 

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Over the years Justin has helped thousands of people just like you- people who want to buy an RV, without all the hassle. Justin's passion for helping people has awarded him as Maryland's #1 RV Salesperson for the last 4 years. Justin will help you make the right decision so that you can feel comfortable and confident about your new adventure

Who is Justin Shanholtzer

At Beckley's RV's

Justin's Been Featured In:

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I don't like the typical car buying experience. Working with Justin and Beckley's was the complete opposite They genuinely care about their clients as they make you feel like family. They clearly work hard to deliver great service and they truly went above and beyond.



I had a general idea of what I wanted to purchase when I met Justin. In a short amount of time, he knew exactly what would be the perfect fit for me and family. His expertise gave me confidence in my decision, and finally got us out and camping after nearly a year and a half of researching and we are so happy with our purchase! 


After finding the right RV, I had some concerns with fitting it within my budget. Justin and his team, were able to work out an amazing deal making it affordable for me and my family! We were treated like we were buying a $500,000 RV throughout the whole process.  



Are you Going to Make it Easy for Yourself? 

Justin understands your same struggles and pain when researching something you want to purchase. It's fun at first when you get that energy boost and you excitingly spend hours researching and looking for the perfect deal. However, when you can't make up your mind, can't get salespeople to call you back, or let alone even talk to a salesperson who knows what they are talking about... it's easy to get frustrated and quit with the intentions of coming back to it later. When you do, it's a repeatable cycle all over again. Eventually you may end up making the wrong decision because you're tired of looking. If only you had a guide to lead you in the right direction to save you from all the headache!


Justin believes that working with an expert is the most efficient way to get exactly what you want the first time. When you are sick, you go to a doctor, when you go to court, you hire a lawyer, when shopping for an RV... 


Why are you trying to do it all on your own?